I am the new one

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I am the new one

Post by fillipppyatochckin » Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:48 am

Darth Yega sat there, watching the battle, and looking closely at how Letik fought. The natural strength he had in the Dark Side of the Force was impressive. His enjoyment of the fight was to Yega, considered another strength he had, and he respected that. He watched as the previous council members head rolled on the floor, and Darth Yega stood up. Letik, still looking upon his kill, took it all in and embraced it. "The Force is strong with you Letik, stronger than it is in most. What is different about you is, You, are strong in it. Most never hear that, and that is because they are not. Remember though, that the Force gives all of itself to those who are willing, embrace it, and the Force will use you in greater ways you can possibly imagine. Through that, you will fulfill your destiny, and do what you were created to do......." Letik nodded and took the words that Darth Yega had spoken. "You have past the second test out of three. Whether you will pass the third, I am not worried about. You are not on the council yet, but you soon will be Letik. Meditate on the Force till your next test." With that, Yega sat back down, and Letik left the room

While Letik was leaving, he felt a new presence in the citadel. Another one who past the first test. He felt it was the Warrior. His presence was a different one, easily picked out for its strength.... Darth Yega waited for him in the dark court room......

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I am the new one

Post by Zacharysib » Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:21 pm

Ive never done any commercial work full stop

Jeffs, a long time friend and ask any vaguely musical friends if they wanted to contribute to his new game, Id had a play with sunvox already and thought using a tracker based composition tool with all the analogue stuff in it would help me get they style of song Jeff wanted. So I pitched in and got lucky.

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